Jujubes - Alive & Organic Chinese Date Apples

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Organic Jujuberries (Chinese Date Apples).
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Certified organic
Grown by family farmers
Source of potassium

Ziziphus jujuba Chinese date apples are here! Experience their refreshingly pleasant flavor. They’ve been cultivated in China for more than 4,000 years. Jujubes are red outside with a crispy texture, edible skin, and a sweet-tart flavor. Grown for you by Judith Redmond with Full Belly Farms, an outstanding family farmer here in California.

Jujuberries contain a wide array of nutrients, including magnesium, potassium, copper, niacin, calcium, manganese, phosphorus, and iron. They contain 20 times more vitamin C than any citrus fruit, strengthening the immune system and fighting infections, which may be why they’ve been used medicinally for millennia in many cultures, as a tea for sore throat, for example.

Contains the free radical-scavenging phenol puerarin and the flavonoid apigenin (also found in chamomile, thyme, and red wine). Also contains antioxidants. Jujuberries are also loaded with 18 of the most important amino acids, which aids in the formation of more than 50,000 proteins in the body.

Dried jujuberries contain more carbohydrates, but have less fiber than fresh ones. They are much higher in calories, although they are more nutritious and an excellent source of energy.

Country of Origin: USA

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I always get these jujubes. They sometimes go out of stock, so I normally get 3 or 4 bags. I don't know anyone else who carries these.