Vermont Maple Syrup – Dark Amber, Organic & Wildcrafted

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Certified Organic Vermont Maple Syrup.
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This dark, amber colored syrup is thick and silky smooth with a robust maple flavor and a nuance of caramel. Perfect for topping on ice cream or pecan pie. This is a perfect transitional food for those on the way to a completely an organic diet- just the thing to wean kids away from junk food and refined sugar.

Maple Syrup is essentially a wild crafted product. It is made from maple sap harvested from the native forests of Vermont Maple syrup is simply the result of boiling water off from sap gathered from wild  grown maple trees. It takes an average 40 gallons of maple sap to make 1 gallon of maple syrup.

It takes 40 years for a “sugar bush” to reach productive size from seedlings.  With careful stewardship trees may be retapped each year for centuries.

Maple syrup is produced in the spring – the requisite sap flows generally last from mid-February through mid-April.  The best sap flows are generated from cold nights and warm days.

Living Tree Maple Syrup is produced by David Marvin, a family farmer in Vermont David presently serves on the boards of Shelburne Farms, University of Vermont College of Agriculture, Vermont Conservation and Housing Board, Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund, Vermont Studio Center, Northern Forest Center, Vermont Maple Industry Council and the International Maple Syrup Institute. He is a past chair of the Vermont Land Trust, Vermont Natural Resources Council, Vermont Maple Promotion Board and has served on numerous other state, civic and industry boards and commissions.

In recognition of his service and accomplishments, he has received the Vermont, New England and National Outstanding Tree Farmer of the Year, the Vermont Maple Industry Council Maple Person of the Year, the Lamoille County Forest Steward of the Year, and in 1995, received the Lifetime Sugarmaker Award from the Vermont Sugarmakers’ Association, is a farmer inductee into the Vermont Agricultural Hall of Fame, and received the 2008 International Maple Syrup Industry Leadership Award from the International Maple Syrup Institute.

Living Tree Maple Syrup has:  NO artificial colors.  No artificial flavors.  No high fructose corn syrup.  Nothing is added.

Packaged in a BPA-free Glass Bottle.

Country of Origin: USA

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The Organic Vermont maple syrup is the best I’ve ever tasted! And what a treat to see the people who farm and harvest that product. Thank you.


My favorite maple syrup. I order multiple bottles so I always have a stash on hand. It tastes more “maple-y” than any other syrup I’ve tasted:)