Halawi Dates – Sundried & Organic

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Certified Organic Halawi Dates.
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Grown by family farmers in southern California.

“Halawi” means sweet in Arabic. A medium to small size date with a light amber color and a traditional caramel-date flavor. Halawi is a sweet, soft, blonde variety date. Dates are naturally dried by ambient temperature. Our Organic Halawi Dates dry on the tree by the sun and have tender, juicy flesh.

Dates are high in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and fiber. Fresh dates are versatile and can be served fresh or cooked. Dates are delicious as a base in alive food desserts and pair well with sweet and savory flavors, goat and sheep’s milk cheeses, as well as fresh fruits.

Country of Origin: USA

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I can't remember a better tasting date than these. I was surprised that California grows dates so well. I love these dates!!!


These are amazing! I ordered them because this type of date was listed as a food to help with some genetic weakness I have in detox ability. Thought it would be a good snack to munch on when needed. The whole bag was gone in 5 days! For someone who does not eat any sugar and eats Whole Foods only, these are a delicious treat! So good!