Royal Himalayan Pink Crystal Salt

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Royal Himalayan Pink Crystal Salt.
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Living Tree Community Foods Royal Himalayan Pink Crystal Salt is a truly natural mineral salt, hand-mined, washed and sun-dried. Thanks to its purity and quality, it greatly enhances the flavor of food, even while using less! A lot of chefs all over the country have already fallen in love with the salt and use it in all their culinary creations.

Pink Crystal Salt contains all minerals and trace elements in the same proportion as found in our cells. It boosts your body’s energy. It replenishes your electrolytes after exercising, a strong workout or a stressful day. 

Royal Himalayan Salt is called the “King of Salt”, “Royal Salt” and even “Essence of Life”. The precious pink crystals contain the photon energy of the sun light locked within its crystalline matrix. This salt is out of a pristine ocean that existed far back in our planet’s history. 

Finely Granulated

Packaged in a BPA-free Glass Jar.

Country of Origin: Pakistan

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Nothing beats the flavor of Royal Himalayan Pink Crystal Salt. I use it every day. Will be ordering again. Thanks.

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